Art Quote

"All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography."

Frederico Fellini

I collect aphorisms and quotes. When I read this one, I paused to reflect on the words and their meaning. I thought about how long art has been a part of my life. It is true that when you think about your art, you realize that it does tell the story of your life.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

~More of the first 400 cards~

~400 Hundred Cards! ~

What can I say about 400 cards?!  It seems impossible that I have made that many...but I number each and every one so I know the number is correct.

Today I completed card # 400.
The shapes were cut using a die and the Cuttlebug machine.  I have a rapidly growing inventory of dies.  Every time I see a  fabulous new card design on Pinterest, I end up buying a few more "supplies".  The image was stamped on and the bow attached upon completion.   I am slowly mastering bows.  I have collected 11 tutorials  for bow-tying.  It is surprising how many ways you can tie a simple bow.
I thought I'd show you how I've managed to arrange my card making supplies in my "art 

Card storage:  
In the beginning, one shoe box was more than enough.  Now I have 4 shoe boxes.  This is a good way to keep them...whenever I need to expand, I just buy another pair of shoes.

My Primary workspace: 
 I've moved most of the watercolor items underneath (except for the brushes which remain in jars and baskets pushed to the corner).  I outgrew this space almost immediately and am constantly pondering new places to put stuff.

The Cuttlebug and accessories (dies and embossing folders) in the basket.  This too has changed since I took this photo.  I have a separate basket for embossing folders which multiply like rabbits.   And yes, those are baby wipes.  A stampers best friend.

This bookcase has been dramatically changed.  I've thinned out my watercolor books; and I've bought another little storage bin for paper.  I never would have thought I would fall in love with paper; and there are dozens and dozens of manufacturers....Just check out

 Another storage area:
  I remember that these bins were used for something before cardmaking...but I can't remember what.  Windex ?... also used for cleaning stamps.

 I don't know where I am going to expand from here.

 If I could just limit the colors I use, I wouldn't need so much ribbon.

I definitely need a better system for embellishments.  I outgrew the folder after the first 100 cards.  I also have added a folder for computer generated greetings and one for directions for making some of the fancy fold cards.  ( I need a procedure manual!)

 Scrap and trash collection.

Secordary workspace:
 If I could work on one project at a time I wouldn't need more workspace....but I like working on 3 or 4 things at once.  I try to clean up at the end of each day to keep things semi-organized.

Now for "Show and Tell "~ a few more of the first 400.

 One of this years "snowflake-themed Christmas cards.

 I like  different shapes.

 The leaves were made with a die; the flower is 'store bought'.

 I like to say that each card is one of a kind....but I like this one so much that I've made several (with different paper patterns.)

 Same stamp as card #400~ different color ink.

 Lots of cut out shapes and embossing.

 Mya's birthday card.  The image was downloaded from the computer...lots of "printables" available for free.

 The card I made for Andy and Missy when Bracken was born.  It's a 'side step card'.

 The greeting part of this card is on a card attached to the yellow flowers. The embellished card fits into the red pocket.  I made these flowers.

I love this paper.  It's Graphic 45 "Birdsong"~all oriental designed papers.

I've added a separate post with more cards.  Next time, I will show you what other "papercrafts" I've been working on....